Zagreb Chess Set

Chess sets and chess boards for the Fall.

The summer has been a busy time for Cool Chess Canada and we are shorty to be heading into the Fall season. This is where things traditionally start getting busy. But so far the year has been a very good one for us.

We would certainly like to extend thanks to all of our customers who have made this year so memorable. It has been fantastic to talk to so many of you and help you find your perfect chess set. Where you have had problems, I hope we have helped. And where you have had difficulty making a choice, I hope we have given good advice.

We have moved our office from Mississauga to Aurora, made improvements to the on-line store, and opened another website catering to a different niche (Knight's Writing Company).

But don't worry - Cool Chess Canada is here to stay.

The Modern Chess Set

The year has seen us restrict the introduction of new products to Cool Chess Canada. We have concentrated on our existing line of chess sets and worked on solidifying a greater number of sales prior to expansion in 2016.

We have also concentrated our efforts on streamlining our business model and improving our marketing, listening to customer feedback, and changing our internal processes, packaging, and shipping options so that we can provide better service to all of our customers. 

A number of products have sold out! A full compliment of plastic chess sets should be back in stock toward the end of August and a number of wooden products will be re-appearing in the Fall. These include the popular Modern design chess sets, the Royal, and others.

Next year will see an additional range of chess sets from both India and Europe, but for this Fall we will offer a few different combinations of existing chess pieces and boards. Hopefully you will find them unique and interesting. Keep an eye on the Cool Chess Canada store and be sure to check the blog occasionally for updates - I promise I won't be quite so tardy in posting from now on...

Millenium Chess Pieces - Black copy

Our Chess Sets Have A New Office

We've moved offices! Previously located in Mississauga, we have now given our Canadian e-commerce chess store, Cool Chess Canada, a new home in Aurora, Ontario.

The location is 95 Cousins Drive, L4G 1B5, Canada. Our telephone number remains the same: 416-705-5168.

Cousins Drive is a corporate location for paper-pushing and we don't stock any chess sets on site, however if you'd like to visit feel free to do so. Call us first to make sure we're in the office and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your schedule.

Give us a heads up if you'd like to come in and view a chess set or pick up a product that you have pre-ordered from us. We can swipe Visa, Mastercard and American Express on-site as well.


Cool Chess Canada Updates

You may have noticed a while ago that we closed down the Cool Chess Canada blog that was on our e-commerce website. We honestly couldn't figure out the best way to bring you chess set news and product reviews in a useful and meaningful way. Well, we're hoping that things are about to change as we start to add content to this new blog.

You may also have noticed that we closed The Chess Room - the sister e-commerce site of Cool Chess Canada. We decided to work solely on a single website and improve our focus, build our brand, and try to bring better chess sets to Canada through one location. So The Chess Room becomes our blog, and Cool Chess Canada our one and only e-commerce store.

Being of an entrepreneurial nature, of course are also working on other things - if you like inks, pens, and high quality paper, then check out Knight's Writing Company.

Cool Chess Canada continues to grow with gusto and we have firm plans over the coming years to make chess in Canada as exciting and enjoyable as it should be! We hope you enjoy our new blog, improved website, updated products and the journey we are going to take.