Chess Sets from Cool Chess Canada

One of the things we really want to do is show everyone how beautiful our chess sets are. You can do this through photographs and over time you can make those photographs better. We also love customers making appointments to come into the office to visit us. Often we will put the coffee on and we will have a selection of chess sets ready for them to touch and look at. I've wanted to put some videos together for quite some time and never been quite sure of the best way to do this. Well, now we've started! And we hope to continue with more videos that help you see the sets as if you were there touching them yourself.

Enjoy this short video. For best results, be sure to play back in High Definition.


French 375 Sycamore Board

New Economy Chess Sets

Occasionally we throw caution to the wind and create some new and exciting products using different combinations of chess sets and chess boards. The Fall season is almost on us, and one of the most popular products in our catalogue is the Economy Chess Set Collection.

There are a few good reasons why these products are so popular. Parents buying a first chess set for their kids often want a better quality set than you can get at a big-box store. The economy chess sets give parents exactly this without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a 'fancy' chess set that may not get any use.

German Ebonized 375 Sycamore

The economy chess sets are very rugged and meant to be played with. Chess is a lovely slow game, but any chess-addicted player will play game after game.

The economy chess sets provide a wooden chess experience where the board and pieces are made to be used. No worries about ears or noses falling off here. Pound away at your chess set and don't feel bad at knocking the pieces over in frustration.

German GR with Sycamore Board 3.75 Close View

One of our recent additions is a bit of a twist on our successful and popular mahogany and sycamore chess board. This is a very popular European made board that is great for beginners and experts alike. The classic orange coloured wood has been flipped around and for these new products, sycamore is the dominant wood.

The chess sets are a joy to own have great contrasting colours on both a light and dark tabletop. If you're not keen on the orange of mahogany, why not turn things on their head and try a sycamore and mahogany chess board. The boards are as hardy as ever and super fun to play chess on.

The Sheffield Chess Set

The Sheffield. A Larger Chess Set.

One of my all time favourite chess sets is a new style that we shipped in last year. The Sheffield is simply beautiful. Of all the shipping boxes we received, the one containing the Sheffield was by far the heaviest. Noticeably. After several hours of lugging boxes around the warehouse, two of us attempted to pick up one of the last boxes only to find it carried something rather heavy. Our further investigation turned into giddy excitement as we pulled out two cardboard boxes containing large and heavy chess pieces. My, those are heavy chess sets!

Indeed, the volume of wood and the excessive load of the steel weights used to anchor the chess pieces firmly to the board was impressive. At nearly four pounds, I believe this may just be the heaviest mid-range chess set we have in stock. When you consider that the King's base is approximately 1.96 inches - or 50mm - then you can see that the chess board to go with these pieces also has to be large. 

Most of our tournament chess sets fit on a 50mm square. It's standard. Some of the larger sets require a 55mm square. But the Sheffield King's base being a whopping 55mm requires the largest board that we have in stock. And what board would look better than a Santos Palisander chess board from Rachapados Ferrer. With a 60mm square and length of almost 24 inches, the owner of the Sheffield had better make sure they have a large living room.

The Sheffield Chess Set

The Sheffield comes in both golden rosewood (sheesham wood) and ebonized boxwood as the black pieces and standard boxwood for the white pieces. The chess pieces feel extremely sturdy and the Knight has, much like most of my favourites, a gnarly set of teeth which it bares, along with flaring nostrils and aggressive ears.  It's not quite a Fierce Knight, but it's close enough to make me giggle when I play a game. The King height is four inches and the other pieces are well proportioned - oftentimes you can find other pieces appear relatively small compared to the King, but it's not the case here. You can find the Sheffield in the mid-range chess set section of Cool Chess Canada..

The Sheffield Chess Set

Paulson Antiqued Chess Set

The Lincoln, An Antiqued Luxury Chess Set

Do you have a love for luxury chess sets? We do! Exotic woods such as ebony and padauk are coupled with high grade boxwood to give you a stunning and unique chess playing experience. This year we have had quite a hankering for antiqued boxwood! One of the wonderful qualities of wood is that it can be stained to give a different look and the process of ageing wood by staining works well, particularly with light coloured woods such as boxwood (the white pieces).  

Older chess sets circa 1900 are naturally aged through exposure to sunlight, air, and greasy fingers. But the cost of a genuine antique chess set can be extremely high. Consider investing in an antiqued chess set to get the look without the price. A chess set that looks aged will display great on a table top and last for years.

Lincoln Chess Set

The Lincoln is a great introduction to luxury chess sets of the antiqued variety. The King height is 3.5" and the other chess men are correspondingly smaller than a standard 3.75" chess set. Where the height of the chess set lacks, the base of the pieces make up. With a King base of 1.77" the set fits nicely on a larger chess board (in this case a chess board with a 2.16" square).

Often you'll find similar dimensions on an antiqued chess set following the Staunton pattern as chess makers try to reproduce turn of the century sets. The Lincoln fits extremely well on our Santos Palisander chess board from Rechapados Ferrer of Spain.

If you're in the market for a luxury chess set then why not try something a little different? Beautiful wood turning and finishing as well as the gnarly teeth bared by the angry Knight make the Lincoln a lovely chess set to own. Every time I touch the pieces I feel like I'm stepping back in time. The set always turns the eye of visitors and its unique qualities make me want to play chess more than ever. You can find the Lincoln at Cool Chess Canada in the luxury chess set section. Now, if only I could find my top hat and tails!

Llama Chess Set

The Hollingsworth Chess Set

If you're looking for a new chess set, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else then why not try something a unique? The Hollingsworth chess set is a stunning mid-range product that recently hit the Cool Chess Canada warehouse and it's definitely worth checking out!

The Hollingsworth is not your average Staunton offering - you can tell that from the wild looking Knight. It reminds me more of a llama than a horse, but that just adds to the warm feeling I have for this chess set.

We categorized this chess set with the mid-range products and it can be purchased with the dark pieces manufactured from either ebonized boxwood (that's a very dark black stained boxwood) or golden rosewood (also known as sheesham wood).

The King is 4" tall and its base is a good size at 1.65". The base sizes are slightly larger than many you'll find for sets in the 3.75" - 4" height range. Aside from the King, the other chess men are relatively tall compared to standard Staunton design sets. Turning-wise the chess pieces are unique. They have a modern look about them and the elongated Pawns, Rooks, and Bishops just add to the aesthetics of the chess set.

New Staunton Chess Set

The lines on the pieces are sharp and crisp and make you take a second look at the chess set every time you go to play. At 2.51 lbs, the Hollingsworth is weighty enough that you'll think of it as a serious chess set, and playing with it is a pleasure! We've had a set in the office for a few days now and visitors can't help but be drawn to it.

We opted to couple this chess set with the black anegre board from Rechapados Ferrer for our collection. The ebonized chess pieces look particularly stunning with this chess board! Suffice to say that this particular chess board isn't to everyone's taste and you could most certainly swap it out for another. A 50 mm square is just fine for the set, but if you prefer a little extra space between the chess pieces then opt for a 55 mm square.

The Hollingsworth is a worthy addition to any library or living room, and you can find it at the Cool Chess Canada website. I would certainly recommend taking a look if you fancy chess pieces that are just a little different from the norm!