Cool Chess Canada Updates

You may have noticed a while ago that we closed down the Cool Chess Canada blog that was on our e-commerce website. We honestly couldn't figure out the best way to bring you chess set news and product reviews in a useful and meaningful way. Well, we're hoping that things are about to change as we start to add content to this new blog.

You may also have noticed that we closed The Chess Room - the sister e-commerce site of Cool Chess Canada. We decided to work solely on a single website and improve our focus, build our brand, and try to bring better chess sets to Canada through one location. So The Chess Room becomes our blog, and Cool Chess Canada our one and only e-commerce store.

Being of an entrepreneurial nature, of course are also working on other things - if you like inks, pens, and high quality paper, then check out Knight's Writing Company.

Cool Chess Canada continues to grow with gusto and we have firm plans over the coming years to make chess in Canada as exciting and enjoyable as it should be! We hope you enjoy our new blog, improved website, updated products and the journey we are going to take.

Graeme M Knight

Graeme M Knight and Ling Pan own and operate Cool Chess Canada from a fun and friendly office located in Aurora, Ontario.